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Mobile phone technology has surpassed its barriers of growth that in spite of communicating through calls, SMS, we can get connected through Wi-Fi. Wireless fidelity is the popular term for a high frequency local area network, generally referred to as 802.11. This facilitates the usage of internet if we are 300 meters within an internet hub or access point. Earlier Wi-Fi connection was possible only in computers and laptops. With the help of HSDPA and EVDO technology internet could be accessed at high speed. throws light on the different service providers such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and many more who have launched Wi-Fi phones. Since this is a novel concept consumers need more awareness on its benefits and once they educate themselves about it there would be a transition from the usage of ordinary mobile phones to much latest Wi-Fi mobile phones. Majority of the mobile service providers have already incorporated this facility in their phones and are in the verge of aggressive promotion.

An added advantage of Wi-Fi contract phone is that you can continue to make/answer calls while accessing internet and can also track missed calls. Since mobile technology is growing fast it is perceived to overcome its minor limitations shortly. It is believed to be a terrific invention in the mobile phone history. gives a room for the consumers to purchase the best one of the lot.
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